We are looking for investment opportunities to revitalize Japan!

We look to offer solutions for our clients. Investment is one tool that we use to solve real world issues. I look forward with working with you to revalue your company.

Chief Executive Officer and
Representative Director
John Fou

Investment that will increase Japan’s value

We have been providing a variety of structured finance solutions to both listed and unlisted companies in Japan. In the process, we have spoken with and deepened our ties with many global institutional investors and financial institutions. What we hear from them is that the value of Japan is in decline. Japan continues to be bound by its old structure, slow to catch the wave of digitalization, and stuck in inefficient working habits. Japan is in a critical condition where it will get poorer and poorer.

We see this crisis as an opportunity. Now that more people understand the crisis, we believe that many companies can turn from decline to growth with new investment and an effort to change direction.

We will aggressively invest in Japanese companies in order to rebuild and maximize the value of Japan. We are open to investing and financially supporting both listed and unlisted companies, regardless of size.

Rebuild Japan's value

We aim to maximize the value of your company together. Contact us if you have a problem with growth, especially in the areas of financing, M&A, or business succession.



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