Revolution is a real estate, investment and asset management firm that focuses primarily on Japan.

Our Business

The Revolution model is one of cohesion, with legal, financial, operations, technology, and risk management departments coordinating all activities with maximum internal transparency. Revolution’s investment activities target high-return opportunities while minimizing downside. Revolution’s main businesses cover real estate, investments and asset management.


Revolution invests principal capital across a broad range of securities including equities, convertible bonds, warrants, preferred securities, debt, and derivatives.

Asset Management

Revolution manages assets for institutional investors across a range of equity, fixed-income, multi-asset and alternative investments. Revolution structures and executes transactions customized for clients’ specific portfolios.

Gold Deposit Business

In the gold deposit business, investors and the Company conclude a deposit agreement, the Company takes custody of the investor's gold, and returns the same type, quality and quantity of gold to the investor upon expiration of the deposit period, while paying a deposit fee for the deposited gold. This business is governed by the Act on Contracts for the Deposit of Specified Commodities, etc.(Act No.62 of 1986)

Real Estate

Revolution makes on balance sheet real estate investments and operates the businesses of property management, sales, leasing, and development.

Rental Brokerage Business

Revolution was the first Apamanshop franchisee and has opened a total of three shops since 1999. Revolution leverages this platform with three brick and mortar locations and a pervasive internet presence attracting a large number of clients from other regions.
As the largest real estate asset manager in Yamaguchi prefecture, Revolution is able to offer clients the most comprehensive selection of properties under our own management with end-to-end service including property search, contracting, utility setup and insurance.

Weekly and Monthly

Easy, comfortable and convenient short-term contract for customers.
Extended business trips, seminars, or temporary accommodation during house renovations, our short term rental brokerage services the needs of businesses and individuals who require furnished accommodations on a short term basis. Benefits include fully furnished apartments, complete with appliances and kitchen items, and a low entry cost.

Trading Brokerage Business

Revolution’s experienced commercial sales team represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions involving detached houses, single apartments and entire commercial buildings.

Construction Sales Business

Revolution is a top developer in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Know-how cultivated in our condominium development business informs our approach to sales of new residential developments and renovated properties.


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Real Estate

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Short-Term Rental

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